Cremation or Burial? Which Is the Right Choice After Losing Your Horse?

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Cremation or Burial? Which Is the Right Choice After Losing Your Horse?

16 October 2017
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No matter how you lost your horse -- whether it was a sudden accident, long term illness, or old age -- the loss can hit very hard. For horse owners, it's like losing a member of their family. Whilst deciding how to deal with the remains is very difficult in your time of grief, it's also a necessary part of the process. Your options include both burial and horse cremation. Here is what you should know about each. 

Burial: Complicated and Costly

Burial of a horse can be both complicated and costly. It's important that you check with your local council to make certain that burial is allowable, as not all areas in Australia allow livestock burial. Additionally, you must verify with the council that the chosen burial spot won't interfere with any utility supply lines. 

One of the biggest obstacles involved in burying a horse is the sheer size of space needed. To properly create a burial spot large enough for horse burial, you'll typically need to use machinery like a backhoe. Even with the burial spot properly prepared, transporting the horse to the burial spot and conducting a proper burial can be a challenging physical task that you'll need assistance with. 

Horse Cremation: An Easier Way to Say Goodbye

Cremation can have a number of advantages over burial, with one of the most significant being the professional assistance you can get. When you choose cremation, you can hire a professional who has extensive experience in pet cremation services. Many horse cremation providers can pick up the horse, transport it to their facility, and return the cremains directly to you. This is far less stressful (and sometimes even less costly) than arranging a burial.

Another advantage of horse cremation is that you'll be able to have a lasting memory of your beloved horse nearby at all time. You can choose from a large variety of beautiful urns -- and the urns can even be customised with your horse's name and other messages. If you have your horse cremated rather than buried, you'll be able to feel secure in the knowledge that your pet's remains are safe in an urn -- no worries about the remains being disturbed by wildlife or by changes in the landscape. 

Ultimately, determining how to say goodbye to your horse must be your own decision. Keep the information above in mind as you work your way through this difficult time, an reach out to a horse cremation service to learn more so you can make the decision that's best for both your horse and yourself.