Things To Do And Ask Before Using A Dog Boarding Service

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Hi! Welcome to my new pet advice blog. This blog is all about how you can make your pet happy while you are away on holiday. Last year, I went on the vacation of a lifetime. We flew from Syndey to Vietnam. After a week in Vietnam, we flew to Italy and spent 2 weeks exploring the amazing cities there. Finally, on the way back we spent a week in New Zealand. It was the first time I had been away since buying my dog so I was super worried. However, I found a great pet boarding house and the staff did a brilliant job of looking after my pooch. I wanted to start this blog to help others who are planning to use pet day care or boarding services.


Things To Do And Ask Before Using A Dog Boarding Service

10 July 2017
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If you are leaving town for a few days or weeks and need to use a dog boarding service, it is a good idea to ask a few questions before entrusting a new company and complete strangers to look after your pet. Dog boarding can be a stressful time for both owner and dog, but with the right preparation and research, you can help to ensure a happier time is had by all. 

Take A Tour

Before boarding your dog anywhere, it is essential that you take a tour of the facilities. If any company says this is not possible, then look into other dog boarding services. Any dog boarder that is proud of their facilities and open to scrutiny will only be too happy to let you look around. On your visit, make sure that the kennels are clean and that your dog will have enough room. Always go with your gut instinct. If there is anything you see or feel that just doesn't seem right to you, it might be worth moving on to another service. 

Ask About Other Dogs

Whether your dog gets along with other dogs or has a few social issues, it is worth knowing how many dogs your dog will be associating with and on what basis. Will dogs be housed together in the same kennel or cage? Will they be taken out for walks together? If you are worried about any canine interactions your dog will be faced with, it is best to be honest so that the dog boarding staff can make arrangements that will ensure your dog is happy and not stressed unnecessarily. 

Who Will Look After Your Dog?

You love your dog, and you want anybody looking after your dog to love them too. On your visit, ask to meet the staff who will be responsible for looking after your dog, and bring your dog with you so that they can get accustomed to this new environment. A good dog boarding service will have no problem with you bringing your dog along and should welcome the opportunity to get to know them before their stay. 

How Will Your Dog Spend Their Time?

It's also a good idea to ask about your dog's routine while staying with the dog boarding service. How many walks will they get a day? Is there a play area? What happens in the case of an emergency? All of these questions will help to set your mind at rest and ensure that your dog's normal routine is followed as much as possible.